Sore No More Performance Gelotion

$19.95 to $99.95

Sore No-More® Performance gelotion is an herbal based liniment blend. Created with the high level competitor in mind this gelotion does not contain lobelia or any other ingredients listed on the FEI banned substance list. This low mess contact medium can be used for everything from massaging into the body before and after exercise to the coupling medium for ultrasound work. Sore No-More Performance is also available in a liniment spray and clay poultice. 


• Made of a thicker base to ensure an easy application

• No abrasive oils 

• Highly absorbable 


$19.95 to $99.95

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Directions for use: Shake well before using. Apply directly to the skin and massage before and after exercise on the back, legs, poll, or hocks. You can also paint this product directly on the sole of sore hooves. Safe to use under tack, wraps, blankets and with therapeutics like Benefab by Sore No-More. Can also be used as a body brace before or after workouts, with heat or ice. Use a warm towel on area after Gelotion application to increase circulations or apply ice packs to help reduce inflammation for a more advanced fooling effect.

To use as a coupling medium for ultrasound work, apply a generous amount to the area before ultrasound work to help reduce friction. 

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