SuperMask II with Ears

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The SuperMask II with Ears from Farnam uses double-latching Velcro to provide twice the security of other leading fly masks, so masks stay on even during horse play. With soft fleece around the ears and nose, SuperMask II protects against rubs in addition to flies and debris. This fly mask features ear covers for added protection and coverage. 


  • Protects eyes without obstructing vision
  • Keeps out dust and debris during turnout
  • Reduces sunlight exposed to eyes
  • “Horseproof” double-latch Velcro closures
  • Fleece-lined around ears and nose for comfort
  • Soft mesh ear sleeves
  • Can help speed up healing in eye injuries


Open the Velcro at the throat latch, and then gently place the mask over the face, placing ears into their respective sleeves. Attach Velcro straps under the throat, making straps snug enough to keep the mask on but not too tight to where it could cause discomfort. 

Farnam suggests removing the mask daily to check the horse’s face and eyes, as well as rinsing the mask and checking the fleece trim for foreign objects weekly. 


FarmVet Tip:
If your horse needs to wear a fly mask but has a habit of "losing" it out in the field, you can keep a halter on over the mask while they're turned out to provide extra security! Just be sure to use a breakaway-style halter and check for rubs regularly!

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