T-Boot Luxe Open Front Buckle


This top-of-the-line T-Boot is made of premium-quality, water-resistant French leather. It combines a classic look with the modern T-Foam lining. They are manufactured by CWD Sellier, the ultimate producer of equine sports performance products. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam contours, molds and flows to match every anatomical detail of the horse's leg. Because the fit is so perfect and firm, support and stability are maximized, pressure is evenly distributed and pressure points are eliminated. 

When the T-Boot is removed, T-Foam returns 100% to its original form, and is ready for the next horse's legs. The same support and full recovery continue use after use. Under sudden impact, T-Foam becomes firmer and absorbs 90% of shock and vibration. It is the perfect, light-weight interface between the tough, but kick-light outer shell and your at-risk horse's legs. An open-cell structure, T-Foam allows air to circulate through the material to prevent heat and perspiration. 

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