T-Boot Luxe Open Front Boot


The top-of-the-line T-Boot Luxe Open Front Boot combines EquiFit's advanced T-Foam technology with the premium-quality, water-resistant French CWD Sellier leather for a classic look with the modern features. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam contours to the horse's leg for a customized, secure fit. Once removed, T-Foam returns to its original form, so the same boots can be used on several different horses. These boots are breathable, shock absorbing, and effective at distributing pressure, and with a classic, sleek design, they are the ultimate choice for the show ring.

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Sizing Guide:

Small: Large Pony (14.0-14.3hh) - 10-10.75” Circumference
Medium: Small Horse (15.0-15.3hh) - 10.75-11.5” Circumference
Large: Standard Horse (16.0-16.3hh) - 11.5-12.25” Circumference
X-Large: Oversize Horse (17hh+) - 12.25-13.25” Circumference

How to fit your EquiFit boots: 

For a more accurate fit, measure the circumference of your horse's ankle using a soft measuring tape. In order for EquiFit boots to work properly, they must fit very securely. More contact with the horse’s leg means more support and protection.

FarmVet Tip:

T-Foam will become firm in cold weather, making it difficult to strap them around your horse's legs. Store them in a climate-controlled room or hold them against your horse's body for a short amount of time to let them soften up and you're ready to go!

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