Tetanus Toxoid

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Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine is an annual vaccine that helps prevent the potentially fatal tetanus disease (caused by Clostridium tetani). The tetanus bacteria can be found in the intestines of horses and in fecal matter of horses or other mammals. It can also be found in the soil, where bacterial spores can survive for years. Your horse could be infected through puncture wounds, open sores, lacerations, and surgical incisions. This product is adjuvanted with MetaStim to increase the horse’s immune response and maximize reception of the vaccine.

$7.95 to $49.95

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    For initial vaccination, give one 1mL dose intramuscularly with proper aseptic technique. Give another 1mL dose 4-8 weeks after the first dose

    For maintenance, give one 1mL dose intramuscularly once a year
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    As with most medications, side effects are possible

    A temporary reaction at the injection site is the most common side effect

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