Tri Amino

$21.95 to $41.95

Uckele Tri Amino is an amino acid supplement that ensures your horse has everything it needs to build muscle. Even with an adequate protein intake, if your horse lacks the essential amino acids provided by Uckele Tri Amino, it won’t be able to build muscle properly. Protein and amino acids are both necessary for muscle growth, and one without the other simply doesn’t work. Make sure your horse has everything it needs to become a champion.

$21.95 to $41.95

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L-Lysine Mono Hydrochloride, DL-Methionine and L-Threonine.
Feed one to two scoops per day. 
FarmVet Tip:

Uckele Tri Amino can be sprinkled over your horse’s feed to make giving the supplement easy!
For equine use only. 

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