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VETSET™ Cocoa Butter is the number one brand of cocoa butter based veterinary products and is a must for every pet owner!

VetSet Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E is a superior treatment for horses. It helps to treat rain rot, girth sores, cracked heels, burns, dew poisoning, fungus, and scratches.

Our unique blend of cocoa butter, vitamin E and microcrystalline waxes provides a semi-occlusive coating for cuts, wounds, abrasions and minor skin irritations, allowing them to heal
quickly and naturally. VETSET Cocoa Butter has the unique characteristic of melting at body temperature. This allows it to penetrate deeper, even through the thickest skin and scar tissue.
The softening and moisturizing properties of the cocoa butter are what cause VETSET to encourage regrowth of the horse’s hair, while cuts and wounds naturally heal, with no hairless spots.

Even an existing scar or callus can be gently massaged away.

Our unique VETSET™ Cocoa Butter products are Paraben Free/Phthalate Free and are now enhanced with a combination of the following beneficial natural ingredients:

INCLUDING: Shea Butter, Aloe Extract, Oatmeal Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Panthenol and Lavender Oil*

Use VetSet on equines, canines, felines, and even on yourself! Your hands will feel softer, smoother, and more protected than ever!

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Miracle worker for dry or sensitive skin!


I love the VetSet coco butter for an types of rubs my horse tends to get since she is grey. I've used it from where she is missing hair in in days I see the start of new hair growth. I recommend this to any one with a horse that gets rubs easily or has dry skin. Its a miracle worker.



A barn friend let us use some of this ointment and we were shocked at how fast and well it worked to heal and grow back hair on our horse. Now I'm here buying our own jar.