Vetrolin Liniment

$12.95 to $34.99

Vetrolin Liniment from Farnman utilizes a special blend of green soap and five essential oils to relieve your horse from stiffness, soreness and inflammation. There are no drying detergents used in this product, which means that your horse's coat is left with lustrous shine. 

$12.95 to $34.99

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  • Relieves all over body soreness and inflammation
  • Leaves the coat with a lustrous shine
  • Uses five essential oils 
Alcohol, Water, Green Soap, Camphor, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of Spike, Methyl Salicylate, Oil of Cedarwood, Oil of Rosemary and Oil of Thyme
For use as a body wash, dilute 1 ounce of Vetrolin Liniment per 1 quart of water.  Can also be used without dilution directly on affected joints and muscles. 
Keep away from eyes.

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