Veterinary Liniment

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Absorbine's Veterinary Liniment has been one of the top selling brands of liniment for over 120 years. It contains a blend of natural herbs and oils to provide a warm soothing treatment for the temporary relief of muscle soreness. Liniment in general is a mild stimulant to the circulatory system, improving blood flow to help fatigued muscles, tendons and joints to normal. Absorbine's Veterinary Liniment can be used pre or post workout, or as an antiseptic for minor cuts, abrasions and insect bites.  It is safe to be applies full strength or with water and vinegar as a body wash.


  • Quick temporary relief of muscular and joint, stiffness, soreness and swelling. 
  • The deep penetrating heat is great to ease the pain associated with arthritis
  • Great to clean and treat skin conditions
  • Antiseptic for minor cuts
  • Can even be used to prevent hoof and sole fungal infections!


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes or other mucosal membranes. Do not apply to irritated skin - if irritation occurs at site of use, consult a veterinarian.


Natural Menthol 1.27% , Cloroxylenol 0.50%, Iodone 0.02%


Legs & Joints: 
For fast relief of temporary muscular and joint soreness, swelling and stiffness, apply to sore areas by rubbing liquid into skin. May be applied two or more times a day.

Rub on stiff joints before and after turn out to increase pain relief.

Muscle Soreness: 
Apply to affected areas and cover with a blanket.

Body Wash: 
Mix into a cooling body wash to refresh a tired horse while the astringents wash away sweat and dirt. Mix 4 oz. of Absorbine and 8 oz. vinegar with 24 oz. of water. Use mixture to sponge over the horse.

Hoof Disinfectant: 
Apply once a week to help prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Use daily to treat common hoof conditions such as abscesses, cracks, delamination, thrush, and White Line disease.

Skin Infection: 
Use to clean and treat bacterial skin conditions such as rain rot, scratches, summer itch, and tail itch. Apply to infected area three times a week.

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