Animalintex Poultice


Animalintex Poultice from 3M is a convenient, ready-to-use poultice that comes in a pad, not a bucket. This unique poultice contains natural poulticing agents to promote faster healing. The pad is 8"x16" and can be used as is or can be cut to fit your horse's needs. 


Size 8 x 16 in

  • Wet the poultice pad and apply the pad with the plastic side up
  • Hot poultices can be use for abscesses, dirty or infected wounds, cracked heels etc.
  • Cold poultices can be used for strains, soreness, sprains and bruising.
  • Dry poultice can be used over fresh open wounds as pressure padding. 
FarmVet Tip:

Animalintex Poultice can also be used on dogs! 
Not recommended for use on cats. 

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