Circulation Exercise Bandages

Incrediwear Equine


The Circulation Exercise Bandages utilize Incrediwear’s best-selling human athletic-wear technology to create bandages that provide a high standard of protection and support for your horse’s legs. These bandages continue working even after your horse’s workout to help reduce swelling and prevent injury. These multi-purpose bandages are the perfect accessory for performance horses who need extra support for their hardworking legs.



  • Black- Limited Edition
  • Provide compression during exercise
  • Can be used after workouts to reduce inflammation and help prevent injury
  • When used wet, will provide cold therapy for up to 1 hour. Please note water should be under 68 degrees (20C).
  • Germanium/carbon-embedded fiber helps increase blood flow
  • Machine washable


FarmVet Tip:
Wetting Circulation Exercise Bandages creates an ice-pack effect, providing cold therapy to soothe tired, sore legs.


Consult veterinarian before using Incrediwear bandages. Horses may become overstimulated by the circulatory effect of these wraps and begin trying to remove them. If this occurs, remove the bandages to ease your horse’s distress, but you may try again on another day for a shorter period of time.

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