Circulation Standing Wraps

Incrediwear Equine
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Circulation Standing Wraps utilize Incrediwear’s innovative human therapy technology to create wraps that help reduce inflammation, prevent injury and cool your horse’s lower legs. These wraps can be used under any standing bandages and left on overnight to promote circulation and blood flow in the leg. Circulation Standing Wraps are perfect for competitions where horses are in strenuous work and may stock up from extended time in a stall. 



  • Germanium/carbon-embedded fabric helps increase blood flow
  • Can be used after workouts to help reduce swelling and inflammation
  • May help manage stocking up when worn overnight
  • Should not be used wet
  • Machine washable
  • Provides cooling for your horse's legs


Consult a veterinarian before using Incrediwear wraps. Horses may become overstimulated by the circulatory effect of these wraps and begin trying to remove them. If this occurs, remove the wraps to ease your horse’s distress, but you may try again on another day for a shorter period of time. 

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