Circulation Hoof Socks

Incrediwear Equine


Circulation Hoof Socks utilize Incrediwear’s innovative human therapy technology to create a product that supports your horse’s hoof health and helps improve performance. This design works to increase circulation to the hoof, which can help reduce inflammation and prevent injury. 

These versatile socks are perfect for helping alleviate pain and soreness associated with conditions including laminitis, navicular, pastern injuries, and deep digital flexor tendon lesions. 



  • Germanium/carbon-embedded fabric helps increase blood flow
  • Can be worn after workouts to help reduce swelling
  • When used wet, will provide cold therapy for up to 1 hour
  • When used dry, can be worn for up to 24 hours
  • Machine washable


FarmVet Tip:
If your horse is shod, we suggest taping over the nails to prevent ripping holes in your Circulation Hoof Socks.


Consult a veterinarian before using Incrediwear socks. Horses may become overstimulated by the circulatory effect of these socks and begin trying to remove them. If this occurs, remove the bandages to ease your horse’s distress, but you may try again on another day for a shorter period of time. 

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