Extra Strength Biotin 100


Extra Strength Biotin 100 was created by a veterinarian over 15 years ago for use on his podiatry cases. Biotin 100 contains biotin and DL-Methionine. Biotin plays a key role in the body, especially for hair and hoof growth. Biotin 100 is an easy to feed supplement that helps promote healthy hoof growth. 


  • •Helps promote healthy hoof growth
  • •Each 1oz scoop contains 100mg of biotin and 50mg of DL-Methionine
  • •Each bucket contains a 128 day supply
  • •Formulated by Dr. Ric Redden over 15 years ago
  • •Easy to feed and palatable 


Size 1 gal

For adult horses: Feed 1oz (one scoop) per day
Rice hulls, dried corn grains, dextrose, pure biotin, DL-methionine and mineral oil. 
FarmVet Tip :This supplement is so easy to feed and delivers a high concentration of biotin in a very small serving. Which is useful when you have a picky eater!
Recommended shelf life is 6 months.  

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