Omega Alpha Airwaves

Omega Alpha
$39.95 to $139.00

This potent bronchodilator helps to stimulate the opening of the airway and clear the airway of mucus. It helps to relieve bronchospasams and is a helpful cough suppressant. Along with the other key components, Airwaves helps to ease inflammation in the chest and helps to alleviate allergic symptoms. 

Can be used as a long lasting bronchodilator. Effective for breeders or horses with heaves. 

$39.95 to $139.00

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Active Ingredients: Peppermint, Eucalyptus Leaves, Bulbus fritillaria, Mullein, Pleurisy Root, Elecampane, Nettles, Menthol
FarmVet Tip: My horse was a roarer and after having tie back, this helped to relieve some of the "tickling" she continued to have when eating hay or when being worked in a slightly dusty arena. I think while it wasn't targeted to her specific issue, it helped to relieve the inflammation that she had (and would always have). - FarmVet Rider Allison

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Good Product!


I use this on my racing horses and have been pleased.