Synovate HA

Kentucky Equine Research
$94.95 to $899.95

Synovate HA by KER delivers a high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate in an easy to dispense liquid. Sodium hyaluronate is an glycosaminoglycan which is an important component of joint cartilage and is responsible for the thickness of the synovial fluid. 

$94.95 to $899.95

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Feeding Recommendations based on horse weighing 1,100lbs:

Maintenance: .5oz (15ml) per day

Pre-competition dose: 1oz (30ml) per day 

Loading dose: 1oz (30ml) per day for 7 to 10 days 

32oz - 64 servings

1 gallon - 256 servings 
FarmVet Tip: Easy to add to feed with a pump! -FarmVet Rider Tasha

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