West Nile Vaccine

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Vetera’s vaccine for West Nile Virus has a duration of immunity of more than twelve months. Proven safe and effective in horses as young as four months old, Vetera’s West Nile Virus Vaccine is specifically formulated to maximize performance and reduce any reactions. A unique purification system prevents non-relative protein presentation in your horse’s immune system.


Vetera's West Nile vaccine is safe and effective for more that twelve months. 

  • Provides more than a full year of immunity to West Nile Virus
  • Safe for horses as young as four months old.
  • Safe in pregnant mares
  • Adjuvant formulation to prevent negative reactions and provide maximum performance
  • Contemporary strain of WNV to provide current protection


  • Always use safe, sterile injection technique
  • Inoculate intramuscularly with 1mL dose
  • Give a second 1mL dose intramuscularly 3-4 weeks after the initial injection, in a different injection site
  • Vaccinate again every year with a single 1mL dose, or prior to suspected exposure
  • Shake well before use


FarmVet Tip:
Vetera WNV comes in single dose and in ten dose vials - talk to your sales representative about which one would serve you best!

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