Wonder Dust


Farnam’s Wonder Dust helps stop bleeding and dry out open wounds. The fast-acting formula contains blood coagulants to stop bleeding quickly with or without a bandage. This powder dressing also helps prevent proud flesh and other complications that would slow healing in wounds by removing excess moisture and bad odors. Perfect for horses and other livestock as well!


Size 4 oz

Iodoform (2.0%), Potassium Alum (5.0%), Flowers of Sulfur (2.0%), Tannic Acid (2.0%), Activated Charcoal (5.0%), Copper Sulfate (13.0%), Hydrated Lime (71.0%)
Shake well before use. Hold nozzle 2-4 inches from wound and squeeze bottle firmly. Apply powder liberally to the entire wound. Repeat as often as necessary until the wound has healed. May be used with a bandage if desired. Do not use on wounds intended to be sutured. 
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. 

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