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A similar product to Absorbine's popular Bigeloil liniment in a clean, easy-to-use gel! Bigeoil gel offers a milder sensation, making it more comfortable for sensitive horses, but still brings the soreness relieving, muscle soothing efficacy. Bigeloil, in whichever form you prefer, encourages circulation and provides relief from muscle soreness, mild arthritic pain, and is also antiseptic. Cool, refreshes, and relieves your hardworking horse! 


  • Clean and easy to use 
  • Soothes and energizes tired, sore muscles 
  • Relieves mild arthritic joint pain 
  • Encourages circulation 


Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Stop use if irritation occurs. Flammable, keep away from sparks and heat sources. Not for human use.

Absorbine Show Safe Statement: 
“Some ingredients in Bigeloil® Liniment and Bigeloil® Liquid Gel Liniment are forbidden under the USEF Drugs & Medications Rule; however, provided the products containing these substances are administered only topically and as recommended by the manufacturer, there is no need for restricting their use during competitions under USEF rules. However, if these products are used inappropriately, e.g., in a manner other than topically, this could result in a positive finding in the blood or urine of the horse, which would be a potential violation of the rules.”


Active Ingredients:
Menthol 2%. Alcohol 60%.


Rub gently onto sore areas three to four times a day. For minor scrapes or cuts, apply without rubbing. For quicker effect, apply the gel and then wrap. 

Consult a veterinarian before using on significant cuts or wounds 

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Good for aging horses and a lot less mess!


I like to use this on my aging, arthritic horse before we go for a ride. His hocks are a little stiff and with the gel in particular, I feel like I get better coverage of the joint vs. the liquid version. After a good rub down with this he is a lot more comfortable and warms up a little faster.

Good to rub in.


This works well for me as a rub on after a ride. I like to put it on my horses joints after riding and just rub it in.

great for shows


Love this product especially at horse shows because it is quick and easy to use and requires no other products or items to use. Definitely makes my horses legs happy