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Cosequin helps to alleviate the damage caused to the joints as a result of heavy training and work.

The #1 recommended oral joint supplement by vets is used by top riders as their "go-to" comprehensive joint supplement for years. Great for horses with recurring joint pain, arthritis, and joint stress. 



  • Relieves joint pain
  • Allows horses to move more effortlessly
  • Highly recommended by vets and top riders alike
  • Promotes healthy joint tissue


Cosequin can be top dressed on sweet feed. Add a small amount of water or molasses to get the Cosequin to stick to dry feed. You may also administrate orally. Mix Cosequin with a small amount of water or molasses and dose orally with a syringe.

Initial Period (2-4 weeks):

Under 600 lbs - 2 scoops in AM & 2 scoops in PM
600-1200 lbs - 3 scoops in AM & 3 scoops in PM
Over 1200 lbs - 4 scoops in AM & 4 scoops in PM

Long-Term Administration:
Under 600 lbs - 1 scoop daily
600-1200 lbs - 1 to 2 scoops daily
Over 1200 lbs - 2 scoops daily


The two main ingredients in Cosequin, LMW chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, stimulate cartilage cells to increase production of cartilage matrix materials. Glucosamine also enhances the capacity of the chondroitin sulfate to inhibit the catabolic enzymes in the cartilage matrix, restoring balance. The exclusive trademarked ingredients found only in Cosequin help slow down the cycle making the horse feel more comfortable.

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