Original M-T-G

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Shapley’s Original M-T-G is a time-tested favorite for treating and preventing a variety of skin conditions in horses. When problems such as rain rot, scratches, dandruff, and tail rubbing pop up, applying Original M-T-G is a simple way to soothe the skin and help get rid of the bacteria or fungus responsible. In addition to treating the infection, Original M-T-G helps condition the skin and promote overall hair health and growth. This fast-acting formula causes many people to see results in as little as one day, and residue can be easily removed using Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo or Easy Out.


  • Helps treat problems such as rain rot, scratches, greasy heel, sweet itch, girth itch, dandruff, and tail rubbing
  • Dries affected area to stimulate healing
  • Conditions skin and hair to promote hair regrowth
  • Can help grow mane and tail by as much as 3 inches per month
  • Safe to use on horses, dogs, cats, and livestock


FarmVet Tip:
Don't like having the smell of Original M-T-G on your hands? Shapley's recommends spraying your hands with Easy Out, rubbing the product in, and then rinsing away the smell. Shop Easy Out here!


Original M-T-G can make horses sensitive to sun. If your horse spends extended amounts of time in direct sunlight, consider applying in the early evening. This product may produce heat when applied, so take caution when applying under a leg wrap where the product may act as a sweat. 


Shake well before use. 

If using to treat skin conditions: apply a thin layer directly to the affected area. Don’t pick at scabs, as it can cause pain and swelling. M-T-G will help heal skin and soften scabs so they fall off naturally. No need to rinse after application. 

If using to prevent skin conditions, such as scratches, from coming back: apply a thin layer on desired areas before turnout in wet conditions. M-T-G will act as a barrier to help protect against re-infection.

If using to grow mane or tail: massage at the base of the mane or along the tailbone once per week. 

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