SynChill Pellets


SynChill Daily Pellets provide a natural, gentle way to ease anxiety and nervous in anxious horses. SynChill’s ingredients both encourage serotonin production and provide L-theanine, which helps calm the horse independent of serotonin. This two-pronged approach works in a safe and effective way to give you and your horse peace of mind during stressful events. SynChill can be used as needed, but administering daily provides a base level of supplement that maximizes its effects.


Size 30 day

  • Give 1-2 scoops 1-4 hours before a stressful event
  • Give one scoop a day as a maintenance dose to increase efficacy
FarmVet Tip: 

A horse’s natural response to stress is to flee - SynChill helps mediate that response, allowing you to build a closer relationship with an anxious horse.
For equine use only. Has not been tested in pregnant mares. 

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